Hospitals Transfers

Interhospital transfers by helicopter or airplane with Florida Air Rescue are seamlessly orchestrated to ensure swift and safe transportation of patients. Our experienced medical team, coupled with state-of-the-art aircraft, guarantees a smooth transfer process. From the moment a transfer request is received, our dedicated staff coordinates with both sending and receiving medical facilities to ensure seamless continuity of care.

Once the patient is ready for transfer, our skilled pilots and medical crew swiftly mobilize to the sending hospital. With precision and efficiency, patients are carefully loaded onto our aircraft, where they receive constant monitoring and medical attention throughout the journey. Our team is equipped to handle a wide range of medical conditions, ensuring optimal care en route to the receiving hospital.

During the flight, our medical team remains vigilant, ready to respond to any emergent needs that may arise. Upon arrival at the receiving facility, patients are safely transferred to the care of the receiving medical team, ensuring a seamless transition of care.

At Florida Air Rescue, we prioritize patient safety and comfort, providing unparalleled interhospital transfer services across the region and the world.

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