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    If I am a member and end up being transported by a ground ambulance or another air ambulance service, who is responsible for the bill?

    If HeliMedic does not transport you, you will be responsible for payment of the bill. Our membership program only covers transports provided by us.

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    Is there a limit to the number of transports a member can have in a year?

    Depending on the Membership you taken, you will be limited by the number of transports you will have. Single Membership will give you 2 transportations per year and Family Membership will give you 5 transportations.

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    Can I cover all of my family on the membership?

    Yes you can, our Family Membership includes 2 adultes and 4 children’s.

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    What is included in my membership?

    Members are entitled to transport (when emergency) by HeliMedic to the closest appropriate medical facility for medical conditions deemed by an attending medical professional to be life- or limb-threatening, or that could lead to permanent disability. Members have the peace of mind knowing that they will receive no out-of-pocket expense for their flights.

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    What is the benefit of membership to you?

    Membership offers several important benefits: First, HeliMedic will work on your behalf with your benefits provider to secure payment for your flight, with any uncovered amounts considered to be fully prepaid. As such, members who are transported by HeliMedic will not receive a bill for the flight. If they determine air medical transport is needed, and they dispatch one of our ambulance providers, your membership will provide coverage. In addition, becoming an HeliMedic member is a good way to support the health care needs of your local community. Our membership base-the largest of its kind in the United States-helps us operate in rural areas where having a quick response time to critical medical situations can save lives.

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    How can a membership be so inexpensive and yet still be able to cover the cost of a flight?

    Membership fees alone are not enough to cover the cost of member transport. Those fees are prepaid protection against costs not covered by a member’s insurance, other benefits or third party responsibility. Almost all of our members have some type of insurance, benefit or third party responsibility that covers all or part of the cost of transport. Collecting enough from those sources is necessary to keep membership fees low. Of course, if there is no other source of payment for a member’s transport, the transport is covered in full by the membership.

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